Hyperthermia Treatment for

Breast Cancer

Treatment Response Improved by 60% when Combining Radiotherapy with Hyperthermia for Recurrent Breast Cancer. 

Complete Response was 38.1% with Standard Radiotherapy Treatment Compared with 60.2% when Radiotherapy was Combined with Biweekly Hyperthermia; and up to a 72% Complete Response for Localised Chest Wall Recurrence.

Complete Response %

Results Show that the Addition of Hyperthermia to Radiotherapy and/or Chemotherapy for the Treatment of Breast Cancer Enhances Treatment Response and Can Increase Local Control.

Hyperthermia Is Now Included in the NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines for Breast Cancer Recurrences.

Datta NR, Puric E, Klingbiel D, Gomez S, Bodis S.
Hyperthermia and Radiation Therapy in Locoregional Recurrent Breast Cancers: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.
International Journal of Radiation Oncolog, 2016. Vol 94, Issue 5.

To know more download our white paper with all the 1st level evidence data and research on Hypethermia Treatment for Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer?

Download the white paper with all of the research and data.

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