Hyperthermia Treatment for

Cervical Cancer

3 year survival rates more than doubled when hyperthermia (meHT) was combined with standard of care chemoradiation for locally advanced cervical cancer in South Africa.

The same EHY2000 device was used. The number of patients who were disease free at 3 years was 32% more in the hyperthermia group than in the chemoradiation group alone.

Level 1 Evidence: Phase III clinical trial at Wits Donald Gordon

3 Years Disease Free Survival Rate %

To know more download our white paper with all the 1st level evidence data and research on Hypethermia Treatment for Cervical Cancer

In another randomised control trial with a 12 year long term follow up looking at hyperthermia in combination with Radiation Vs Radiation alone for locoregionally advanced cervical cancer; both disease control rates and survival rates almost doubled, 37% to 56%, and 20% to 37% respectively.

Level 1 evidence: Dutch Deep Hyperthermia Trial

12 Years Follow Up Cervical Cancer %

Want to read more on the research supporting hyperthermia in the treatment of cervical cancer?

Download the white paper with all of the research and data.

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