Hyperthermia can be used for treating a wide range of different cancers, in combination with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
From a recent clinical study emerges that survival cancer patients stage 2 and 3 show remarkable improvement in original control rates and local disease fee survival thanks to hyperthermia treatment.

1st Level of Evidence


3 year survival rates more than doubled when hyperthermia (meHT) was combined  chemoradiation for locally advanced cervical cancer in South Africa. The number of patients who were disease free at 3 years was 32% more in the hyperthermia group than
in the chemoradiation group alone.

1st Level of Evidence


Regional Hyperthermia added to chemotherapy doubles the length of overall survival in patients with high-risk localised soft tissue sarcoma, increasing the median overall survival from 6.2 years for patients receiving only neoadjuvant chemotherapy, to 15.4 years with the addition of regional hyperthermia.

1st Level of Evidence


Hyperthermia significantly improves relief of painful bone metastases increasing the 3 month complete response from 7.1% in radiotherapy alone to 37.9% in the combination group. Almost double the amount of patients achieved a zero pain score (BIP) in the HT + RT group; with pain relief lasting 3x longer.

1st Level of Evidence


When treating locoregional recurrent breast cancers with radiotherapy, the complete response was 38.1%; however when combining radiotherapy with hyperthermia this increased significantly to a 60.2% complete response. When re-irradiating breast cancer recurrence on chest wall, in combination with hyperthermia, the complete response rate was 72%.

1st Level of Evidence


A complete response was seen in 62,5% of all patients combining radiotherapy (RT) with Hyperthermia Vs 39,6% when RT was used alone. Accordingly to some studies, the response rate was doubled. Hyperthermia along with radiotherapy enhances the likelihood of CR in HNCs by around 25% compared to radiotherapy alone with no significant additional acute and late morbidities.

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We are medical treatment centre in Cape Town specialising in adjunctive and supportive oncology treatments. We work with a network of international clinics and universities looking at novel and effective solutions to treating cancer, and are currently expanding our services in South Africa in order to better support conventional oncology care and patients requiring treatment solutions in advanced cancer stage.

Many of our patients are referred by their primary oncologist for adjunctive meHT treatment in combination with their standard chemoradation or immunotherapy.

We do however accept consultation with one of our medical doctors in order to find out more information or to assist in planning treatment, and whilst working alongside your primary medical provider.

Modulated Electro-Hyperthermia

Modulated electro-hyperthermia is a safe form of hyperthermia which has shown to effectively sensitizes deep tumors, regardless of the thickness of the adipose layers. The technology has demonstrated equal benefits compared to other forms of hyperthermia for a variety of tumors. Given the effective heating ability to moderate temperatures, the improved tumor perfusion, and ability to increase drug absorption, mEHT is a safe and effective heating technology which can be easily applied to sensitize tumors which have demonstrated benefits with the addition of hyperthermia. Modulated electro-hyperthermia also appears to improve local control and survival rates and appears to induce an abscopal (systemic) response to ionizing radiation.

Based on clinical studies, the method mEHT is a feasible hyperthermia technology for oncological applications.
Concomitant utilization of mEHT is supported by the preclinical and clinical data.


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